We are a training academy, offering online as well as face to face training (either at our own training centre or at your own premises).

As well as offering a range of digital marketing and PR training modules we also provide learning and strategy sessions which we tailor to your exact needs.

We love what we do, are great at what we do and get a huge sense of pride and pleasure from helping those who make a real difference in the world.

Digital Marketing - Turtle Academy


Digital marketing empowers you to communicate across multiple channels and be where your target audience is. Think websites, Google grants, blogs, online fundraising campaigns, social media, podcasts, films and online media coverage – all vital when it comes to inspiring and engaging people, helping you raise funds, start discussions and advertise the services
you offer.

At Turtle Academy we will help you with your overall strategy or support your team to master one or more elements – anything from Instagram and Tiktok to newsletters, blogs and websites.


PR is all about persuasion – convincing your target audiences to promote your idea, purchase your product, support you, join you and recognise your accomplishments. At the heart of PR is story telling and content. At Turtle Academy we will help you identify newsworthy stories, write press releases, cultivate relationships with the media and secure media coverage.

We will help you weave your PR into your wider digital marketing strategy and prepare your crisis communications.

Public Relation PR - Turtle Academy

Why is this so important?

Digital Marketing has been identified by charities as the ‘thing’ they feel most concerned, excited or nervous about. The consensus is that digital is and will continue to be key to success – not just with fundraising but also with profile raising, recruitment, donor management and more.

UK Charities And Social Enterprises

TikTok Course


Are you a charity, social enterprise, Community Interest Company (CIC) or volunary group dreaming of going viral on TikTok to reach new service users, donors or campaign for change? Or would you just like to be more confident starting a TikTok channel for your charity and you’re not sure where to begin. Perhaps are you under pressure from senior stakeholders to ‘get on TikTok’ but you are dubious about the benefits for your cause?



Turtle Academy are the perfect mix: PR and digital marketing experts meet not for profit specialists.

Join our Turtle Academy community and step out of your shell.

Let us help you share your story and hatch a plan for success – whether this is all or some of the following: fundraising, recruitment, profile raising, media coverage, social media engagement, database sign ups – or much more.

Our coaching, training and strategic support helps passionate, committed charities, social enterprises and all non-profit businesses stand out from the crowd.

We will support you to embrace and master a digital marketing and public relations strategy – one that aligns seamlessly with your business plan and objectives – both financial and social.

In the process we will upskill your team, accelerate growth, grow your pool of supporters and boost brand awareness.

As well as a physical training centre, tucked inside Northampton’s historic Delapre Abbey, we have a mobile ‘Turtle Academy’ – which means we can come to you (whether you want to join forces with other charities, social enterprises, community groups or other not for profit organisations or want us exclusively to yourselves).

Turtle Academy also running host of online and hybrid courses – you can choose from attending our physical academy and or dialling in. We are flexible – tell us what you want.

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Turtle Academy has been set up by established PR and marketing company Pilkington Communications – an unapologetically small and proudly mighty public relations and communications agency that delivers big ideas, effective messages and measurable results.

We are experts at helping our clients innovatively embrace all the communications channels at their fingertips, helping transform organisations and stakeholder relationships through carefully crafted PR and digital marketing campaigns.

Pilkington Communications specialises in supporting charities, social enterprises and all not for profit organisations. Find out more and meet the team here:

Not sure where to begin?

We offer charities, social enterprises, voluntary groups and other non-profit organisations a FREE consultation. As well as advising you on our training we are here to offer advice, guidance and to signpost you to resources & opportunities.


We are here to:

Equip not for profit organisations with the skills and planning to lead on (at least some of your own) marketing and PR

Provide a one stop shop for best practise support and resources

Link UK charities, social enterprises and not for profit organisations seeking marketing and PR support with each other

Support those who can't typically afford to outsource

Turtle Academy Services



Social media strategy and implementation

Ensure regular, consistent online communication.

Many organisations know they should be implementing a social media marketing strategy, but lack the time, skills, or resources to implement. Social media marketing is best implemented as part of an ongoing activity.

This training module will ensure you:

Gain a clear understanding of all channels – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok and others?

Know how to conduct a baseline social media and digital marketing audit – what channels are you using, and what’s working and what isn’t.

Have a consistent brand for all your channels and integrate these into your website.

Can design and implement a social media marketing strategy, one that will complement and align with your overall objectives – whether this is recruitment and fundraising or profile awareness and data gathering.

Feel confident using your social channels to run competitions, polls and fundraising campaigns

Feel confident using analytics – so you can run reports and monitor the success of your social campaigns

Instagram Coaching

Instagram is one of the most popular photo and video-sharing apps and allows you and your organisation to connect with other businesses, brands, influencers, friends, family and celebrities. Today, 30 million people use Instagram in the UK alone and for businesses, it can be a game changer.

This training module will ensure you:

Understand the unique benefits of Instagram and how it differs to other channels

Know exactly how you can use Instagram to boost the profile of your organisation and to run campaigns – recruitment, fundraising, etc.

Understand the difference between Hashtags and Highlights

Know how to brand your channel – using Canva as a design tool

Can confidently create a content plan for your Instagram which drives traffic to your website

As well as this all-important theory we will help you:

Set up and Instagram account if you don’t yet have one

Improve your branding and biog to ensure you are making the most of all of Insta’s features

Create a reel

Set up a Linktree account

Facebook Training

Facebook has almost 2.8 billion active monthly users, as of 2021. It’s reached a massive audience in the past couple of years which caught the attention of marketers everywhere.

Facebook has about 1.84 billion users daily, which means there’s always a new potential audience for you.

This training module will ensure you:

Understand the unique benefits of Facebook and how it differs to other channels

Know exactly how you can use Facebook to boost the profile of your organisation and to run campaigns – recruitment, fundraising, etc.

Understand the difference between Hashtags and Tagging

Know how to brand your channel – using Canva as a design tool

Can confidently create a content plan which will drive traffic to your website

Know how to schedule content and how to design a content planner for the year ahead

Have a firm grasp on how to create, upload and caption mini films.

As well as this all-important theory we will help you:

Design a content planner

Set up a business Facebook page if you don’t already have one

Improve your FB branding and biog to ensure you are making the most of all the features of Facebook


TikTok is a short-form, video-sharing app that allows users to create and share 15-second videos, on any topic. It has fundraising features, including donation stickers which are clickable fundraising buttons that can be embedded into videos. Users that click the button will be taken to a dedicated window where they can donate within the app.

This training module will ensure you:

Understand the USPs of this channel, its pros and cons and how to use it to promote your organisation

Know how to set up and brand your channel

Understand the theory, best practise and are armed with useful top tips

Can confidently create your own videos and use editing tools to do this

As well as this all-important theory we will help you:

Set up a channel if you haven’t already

Create your own video and use editing tools to do this

Caption and post your video

Insert a call to action within your video, such as a donation sticker (clickable fundraising button), which will ensure you get measurable results

Design a content planner for the six months ahead

Making the most of your website – the power of content

Your website is your shop window and essential for boosting your profile, encouraging donations and maintaining relationships with supporters to keep the all-important funds flowing

Here are just a few of things we will help you with to boost your charity’s online presence.

Using social media channels to drive website traffic

Blogs – the dos and don’ts

Maintain relationships with supporters

Engage and inspire people to make a difference

Offer help and advice

Share good news

Promote events and fundraisers

Promote volunteering and recruit staff

Encourage donations and sign ups

Understand Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – so your site is easily found

Turtle Academy will then help you conduct an audit of your website, which evaluates a site not only for its content but also for its technical performance. You will:

Evaluate the effectiveness of your website in terms of lead generation and conversion and spot any previously overlooked opportunities to convert visitors into leads.

Identify any missed Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) opportunities

Assess how friendly your website is to search engines and determine how easy it is for users to navigate and intuitively find content on your website.

Identify any tweaks that need fixing, such as broken links, hidden content, long page load speed times.

We will finish with

Helping you create a forward planning content plan for your website

Google Analytics – how to analyse your website traffic and identify any sticking points on your website

Have you got a Google Business page – how to do this and why

Newsletters and how to build a GDPR compliant database

A newsletter is a periodically sent email that informs your audience of the latest news, tips, or updates relating to your products or services.

They enable you to shout about your achievements, build and strengthen relationships and maintain regular contact with clients, customers, and partners.

49% of consumers are happy to receive promotional emails from the brands they love on a weekly basis. (Statista).

Done well these can be a game changer for your organisation.

This training module will be a mix or theory and practical and will ensure you:

Understand the importance of newsletters and know how to get started

Can confidently create your own newsletter, using Mailchimp to do this

Have a content plan for your newsletters

Have a firm grasp of how to use your social media and website to increase your database – without this it won’t matter how great your content is.

Know how you can ensure consistent GDRP compliant data processing

Regulations such as GDPR are making it harder for organisations to collect databases without consent. Newsletters can be used as tools to make your own database and grow your pool of supporters.

Podcasting – best practise

Podcasting allows brands to communicate to a captive audience. Tell your story anywhere at any time and establish authority in your industry.

Here are just a few of things we will help you with:

Best practices to make you stand out

How to record your podcast?

What equipment do you need?

What preparation is needed?

What topics should you choose?

How to promote your podcast

Blogging – the dos and don’ts

Make sure your blog brings your audience to your website and keeps them coming back your blog is a powerful tool for helping the people who need you to discover your website.

The first blog was published in 1994, but the term ‘blog’ wasn’t coined until around 1997. It’s an abbreviation of ‘weblog’ which means logging the internet. The early days of the internet buzzed with the many topics and opinions that eager bloggers offered their new readers.

This training module will be a mix or theory and practical and will ensure you:

Promote your blog and encourage people to interact, comment and share

Understand just how to write a blog and all the tools at your fingertips to get it right and get it seen

Know how to create a content plan that aligns with your strategy and objectives

Write accurate Meta Descriptions and add Blog Tags.

Link internally and externally.

Write fantastic content

LinkedIn Training

LinkedIn superb for:

Networking with potential donors

Recruiting staff, volunteers and trustees

Raising your organisation’s profile and standing out from the crowd

Establishing your organisation as a thought leader

Following up with people after meetings – and even securing conversations in the first place

Generating new leads

In this module we explore

  • The difference between a personal profile and business page. LinkedIn company pages are entirely passive and don’t allow you to increase engagement if it is low on your page. Personal profiles, on the other hand, give you endless opportunities to find and interact with targeted prospects. Get the two working in tandem and you’ll be on to a winner.
  • How to keep your profile up to date and to get the basics ‘spot on’. For example LinkedIn suggest making “your headline more than just a job title.” Adding a bit about what you’re passionate about and what drives your organisation can make your profile more personable.
  • How to ensure your team, trustees and where appropriate volunteers are also ‘on brand’ when it comes to LinkedIn
  • How and when you utilise ‘Articles’
  • Next steps


Planning your PR strategy

To align with your fundraising and other business objectives

We will show you how to create your PR goals, define your target audience, identify key messages, plan your tactics and measure your results. Your PR strategy should align with your overall communications and business plans and we will help you do just this.

How to write a press release and spot the angle

If you’re looking to get media coverage being able to write an effective press release is an essential skill. But how long should a press release be and what kind of information should you include? We will help you make sure your story is newsworthy, structure your press release and pitch your stories to journalists. You will finish this course with a branded press release template, a bank of story ideas and a confidence when it comes to pitching your stories to journalists.


Strategy and Planning session

Choose from a half or full day – face to face tends to have the best results – although we can also do this virtually. This is about tailored, expert advice and guidance and the session will be tailored to meet your exact needs, challenges and requirements.

Your session might include :

  • A strategy session – do you have a marketing strategy and is it aligned to your business plan?
  • If you don’t, let’s get you started – we will look at all your communications channels, your audiences, your streams of funding, potential threats to success as well as your strengths and opportunities. We will do this WITH you, which will ensure you are fully in charge of the direction at all time.
  • Training on a particular topic/s
  • Next steps planning: priorities and follow up

This is, quite simply, your opportunity to get one to one, tailored, support and advice – on your organisation as a whole, on your digital marketing, your media and PR, your marketing strategy and your future goals.

Find out more by getting in touch with Jessica, our Founder. Email jessica@pilkington-comms.co.uk or call 07966529203


Get in touch to explore exact requirements and costs. Our pricing structure is designed to be affordable and flexible. If you join forces with other organisations, for example, we can come to you or offer a high spec dial in, virtual conference option. We can also offer in house training at our Delapre Abbey offices in Northampton.

Virtual or Face to face training 

Half day (up to 5 delegates): £335+VAT

For each additional delegate: £50+VAT

Full day (up to 5 delegates): £495+VAT

For each additional delegate: £70+VAT

We come to you – our mobile turtle academy will deliver training at your location*

Half day: £400+VAT

Full day: £650+VAT

*These costs are based on a maximum travel distance of 30 miles from our Delapré Abbey, Northampton office. We are happy to travel UK wide, additional costs will be involved. Get in touch for a final quote.

Our Driving Digital Packages

Digital marketing for non-profit organisations is transformative. That is why we have designed our  ‘Driving Digital’ packages.

Choose from 40 or 100 hours of digital marketing PR and support.

Expert support, measurable and impactful results, a sustainable future.

Our Driving Digital packages of support have been designed specifically for not-for-profit organisations and are uniquely focused on growing positive impact.

Here’s the steps we will take you through:

Digital marketing audit

Discovery Session

Marketing strategy and plan

Action – let’s get some early wins

Training and upskilling – to ensure your team has the confidence and skills to keep this digital marketing momentum going.

Want to find out more?


Book a 30-minute Discovery Call with our team to find out all about how this Driving Digital package could work for your organisation.


This is your chance to ask questions and even get a taster of our approach and training modules. You can also use this time to talk about anything related to digital marketing, learning and strategy, PR and media.

Introducing our Turtle Talks

Tuck into some bite-sized training and learn while you lunch

Our 30-minute Turtle Talks are FREE, online training sessions designed to help equip and empower SMEs, charities and not for profit organisations with the digital marketing and PR support they need to grow and thrive.

Choose from our calendar of events and book your place today!

Connect, Recruit, Fundraise: LinkedIn for charities and non-profits

Tuesday 15th August 2023

12:00 – 12:30

Introducing Threads: 10 tips to get you started

Tuesday 22nd August 2023

12:00 – 12:30

Integrating AI into your marketing strategy

Friday 1st September 2023

12:00 – 12:30

Instagram stories: how to use them to engage, promote and link

Friday, 8th September 2023

12:00 – 12:30

Tackle TikTok & Generate New Business: Meet TikTok sensation Cami Sophia

Monday, 10th September 2023

12:00 – 12:30

After each of these training sessions, delegates will receive a FREE downloadable resource designed to help you perfect your press releases.

We have a maximum of 25 slots per session, so we are limiting attendance to just one person per organisation – to ensure as many organisations as possible can benefit.

If you have any further questions, please contact Jessica Pilkington on jessica@pilkington-comms.co.uk


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