Think digital. Drive digital. Secure success.

Think digital. Drive digital. Secure success.

Latest national research shows that resident non-profits need, want and will significantly gain from help with their digital marketing and media strategies. 

Rachel McGrath, CEO of Northamptonshire Community Foundation said: “There is an urgent training gap in digital communications and the need for upskilling of staff and volunteers for the voluntary sector.” This is a quote typical of our research.

We have found that to be able to afford to outsource some or all marketing and PR, organisations typically need to have an annual turnover of at least circa £600,000.

This means a majority of the not-for-profit sector (social enterprises, voluntary groups, charitable trusts and charities) cannot afford the going rates of our or any agency. And yet they still need to embrace a professional approach to PR and marketing if they are going to survive, let alone thrive. Add to the mix the fact that millennials, who now give more than other generation, do more than two thirds of their giving digitally.

We, Pilkington Communications (link to about us), wanted to do more to support the non-profit sector which is why, in 2022, we launched a new arm of our business – Turtle Academy. Our new academy is tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized charities, those who most need the support but cannot usually commit the time or resources to it.

We have a host of modules and also strategy sessions, and this week have added a new string to our bow: our Driving Digital package of support – which combines the strategic expertise of Pilkington Communications with the training and upskilling element of Turtle Academy.

Here’s the steps we will take you through:

  • Digital marketing audit
  • Discovery Session
  • Marketing strategy and plan
  • Action – let’s get some early wins
  • Training and upskilling – to ensure your team has the confidence and skills to keep this digital marketing momentum going.


So, why are we focused on the charity and not-for-profit sector?

Put simply, working with people and organisations making a difference and committed to making positive change excites and motivates us.

We also know that even just a little bit of strategy and focus on digital marketing can make a huge difference – quickly.

It’s big. Over 168,000 active registered organisations exist, holding approximately 131 billion in assets, employing over 865,000 people and with £50.6bin total income. The sector contributes £17.1b to the UK economy and formal volunteering has an estimated value of £23.6b.

Nine in ten households in the UK have accessed services from voluntary sector organisations at some point in their life.


In Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire largely mirrors that of the wider UK. According to the latest figures from Northamptonshire Voluntary Impact, infrastructure organisations hold 2,600 charitable groups on their books, although evidence suggests the number of groups or organisations operating under the term Voluntary Sector is closer to 3,600 (this will include the smaller, non or recently registered community groups).


Why our service is needed

We are the county’s first and only Academy exclusively for non-profit organisations. There are national organisations providing online training but none that offer bespoke, tailored support.

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Think digital. Drive digital. Secure success


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